in Copenhagen

A short trip north to Copenhagen last week took me to Denmark for my first time. One day for work, then another day for pleasure. On Thursday, meetings and a business dinner gave me a chance to see the neighborhoods of Frederieksberg and Vesterbro. On Friday, I headed towards Nyhavn and the row of colorful houses on the water. Here, a few sights along the route.

A walk up the Rundetaarn (round tower) led to a view over the city.

‘In the house that stood here until 1908 lived Søren Kierkegaard, from his birth on 5 May 1813 until 27 April 1848.’

The statue of Absalon.

Agnete and the Merman, an underwater sculpture.

Pumpkins in a row.

Please note the beautifully carved seat and handlebars.

City trips often make me compare the city I am visiting with other cities I know. Copenhagen is often described as similar to Amsterdam and in many ways that comparison holds true. Bicycles, water, flat land, Northern, and cold weather. Yet the differences, which were many, caught my interest. Two days was just enough to catch a scent of Denmark.


5 responses to “in Copenhagen

  1. These are great photos! When I’ve been to Amsterdam, I’ve found myself comparing it with Copenhagen (where I live, more or less). I cannot totally see the connection, though they are both clearly Northern European.

    Oh, and I’ve found your blog completely at random. I look forward to coming back again!

    • I really enjoyed my two days in Copenhagen and was surprised that I hadn’t been before. It was actually my first time in Scandinavia as well, perhaps I would have had more references if I had been to Sweden or Norway before. Thanks for reading!

  2. wonderful! thanks

  3. I’ve just come over from Sunken Treasure. We visited Copenhagen in summer last year. Such an amazing, inspiring city. We visited Oslo also – it felt so surreal to be from Australia and holidaying at the top of the world! I’m glad to have found your blog and will be taking a little look around now!

    • Yes, I enjoyed Copenhagen so much and really need to spend more time exploring the rest of Scandinavia – it’s so close! And someday I also hope to find myself at the ‘bottom’ of the world. Thanks for commenting, a great way to learn about your blog, which looks amazing! Will be reading more.

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