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Wanderlust: Vintage on Wheels

My upcoming trip to Portland in December/January becomes more exciting every day and my To Do list is growing concurrently. I’m gathering recommendations of restaurants from Lemon Basil, stores from Unruly Things and Modish, and catching up on the street style with Urban Weeds. And the excitement continues to build with Frolic and Honey Kennedy. Etc.

The list is long, but one Must Do is a visit to Wanderlust, a vintage boutique on wheels making its way around Portland (via Modish). What else is new and not to be missed in Portland?

Vintage Stamps for World Cup Countries

My life the last week has revolved almost entirely around football and the World Cup. Posting photos and stories from South Africa on Twenty Ten, arranging the last-minute details for my flight to Johannesburg on Saturday morning and watching as many matches as I can handle. I enjoyed this artistic approach to the World Cup fever by Karen Horten. She gathered together vintage stamps from the countries: “Most of the postage stamps below are from between 1900 through the mid-1930s, with a few as recent as the early 1970s.”

These are some of my favorites, but there are lots more here (via constantwanderlust: dailydesigndiscoveries)